Balloon release

15 October 2016

We went to the beach today to release balloons for our angel babies we lost at 11 weeks,10 weeks and 7 weeks. ...

    The day that I found out how quietly a heart can break.

    Beautiful flower bulbs are planted in my garden so that I can watch them grow as my little one would have. They will flower in April when we would have met.

    Tonight, at 9 weeks I lost another angel.

    After a devastating break up, I was left alone with the loss of a baby I never expected.

    An empty sac, a blighted ovum, a pregnancy that isn't viable - all names for a baby I'll never hold.

    6 June 2016

      Memorial candle

      30 October 2013

      It is hard to choose a date as I’ve experienced 5 pregnancy losses, but it is the birth/death of my son at 18 weeks gestation ...

        Fly high together our babies.


        15 October 2016

        Every year on International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (15 October), at 7pm in their local time zones, people around the ...
        1. Miscarriage Association: Hi Sarah, it doesn't look like a photo has been in ...
        2. Sarah: For the gallery x ...

        Everything was going great until our 20 week scan when our world fell apart.

        9 June 2016

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