Why did this happen to us, why couldn’t you stay.

2 May 2018

    The feeling of sadness was overwhelming, but having to tell our son that his much wished for little brother or sister had died was truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

    7 June 2018

      Name without a face, That I never got to love...

      6 June 2018

        The day the old me died and a new me began, never to be the same.

        Babies everywhere! In her arms, In his arms, Not in my arms...

        5 June 2018

          Nothing will ever take away the irreparable heartbreak.

          9 May 2018

            The words “I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat” were spoken.

            17 February 2018

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              I will never forget my beautiful baby ever.

              2 April 2018

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                The date my baby was due.

                7 June 2018

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                  The kindness I received from all the staff at the hospital and my friends and family meant the world to me.

                  15 March 2018

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