6 October 1981

34 years ago I should have been looking forward to welcoming my much wanted & loved second child – the actual story is so long involving a country doctor telling me to scrub some floors & a nurse who told me to simply flush away the results – a long time ago but I’m still haunted by my loss.

As soon as I felt I was pregnant I was a Mother, not a sentiment shared by those “caring” for us . I always talk of my first born & my last born when describing my sons – younger & youngest etc. Might be wrong, I didn’t know the gender of my babe.

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  1. Pat Clemins says:

    Hi Janice… I know your heart break….back in 1974 I suffered a miscarriage also! It was going to be our 2nd child we had a little boy who was 2yrs. Like you I’m hunted by my loss! Our dr also told us to flush it down the toilet… and yet back there was for us …no where to turn…it was like yea you miscarried now get over!! But now things are changing… and its open now and places to go… I have just recently thought of making a web site…. There is not a day that goes by that it isn’t on my mind…it always there.