12 March 2020

Me and my husband were so excited to find out we having baby number 2 in November 2020.

In March I started bleeding and I went for a private scan to be told everything was ok. I saw your little heart beat, to then go home and have a miscarriage.

We went to hospital to be told I had a miscarriage and we took a teddy bear home. We donated a teddy bear too, with your name on it – Dotty.

In July 2020 I found out I was pregnant again and we were so scared but happy.

September 11 of 2020 I was 12 weeks, but I started bleeding again. We went for a private scan to be told there was no baby, just a sac, I had a blighted ovum miscarriage.

I had medicine to help with the miscarriage and there is not a day that goes by we don’t think about you, and your big sister would’ve loved you.


This year: We will light a candle to remember our Dotty and the baby that didn’t grow and for all other people that have gone through the same thing or something like this.


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