25 October 2017

The 25th October was the most exciting and devastating day rolled in to one. It was the date of my 12 week scan and I was so excited to finally see my beautiful baby!

Looking back it was crazy how in a matter of minutes I went from having this idea in my head of seeing my baby and becoming a mum to being told that there was no heartbeat and that my baby had passed at 8 weeks. What me and my partner went through after with the miscarriage and the process was horrible and an experience that will stay with me forever. The guilt I felt and still feel will never leave me.

We chose to mark the day that our baby would have been born by having something like a plant that we could go and visit and talk to, write notes to, and look at when we sat in the garden. Having this physical reminder helped, as after everything we went through we were left with nothing. Now I get to wake up and look outside and see my baby and watch it grow 🙂

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