Please remember that you don’t have to go through this alone.

A note from the M.A.

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    What we didn't realise was how much our hearts would break.

    4 July 2015

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      The date of an early scan in which I found out my rainbow baby’s heart had stopped beating and in which mine shattered.

      17 July 2017

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        12 July 2016

        After three years of trying to conceive, we were told IVF was our only hope of getting pregnant. So in March 2016, my husband and I did ...
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          I gave birth to our little baby boy, Leo, who was born sleeping at 15.5 weeks.

          25 July 2016

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            I may have never seen, held or heard them but I will always carry them in my heart.

            18 July 2016

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              I will never forget, but today it just hits me hard.

              22 July 2016

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                Louise raising funds and awareness for the Miscarriage Association

                July 2015

                After trying to conceive a child naturally for nearly four years, we carried out an IVF cycle in April this year. We were over the moon ...
                1. Rosemarie Schaul: Thanks so much for your time in writing this infor ...
                2. Jan: Good luck and thanks for sharing. I know someone w ...
                3. Sam broadbent: Bless you all. I had a miscarriage many years ago ...
                Maria's pictures

                25 July

                I had such an easy first pregnancy and it just didn’t occur to me that anything would go wrong second time around. I was so ...
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                  Words cannot describe how we felt the day we were told that the baby's heart had stopped beating at 9 weeks.

                  17 July 2014

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