24 April 2018 & 19 September 2019

I’m Clare, I’m 36 and in April 2018 I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

I found out during a private scan that there was no heartbeat and no baby 😢 but then in January 2019 we found out we were pregnant again. I was more anxious about this pregnancy.

We went for our 10 week scan and was over the moon when we saw our little baby on the screen. At 17 weeks we got a sex scan and found out we were having a baby girl. We were even more excited.

I didn’t have an easy pregnancy though. My sickness was all day, I had chronic heartburn, chronic pain. Then on Friday 13th September 2019 when I was 34 weeks +1 my waters ruptured I ended up going to triage and being kept in for a couple of days, then I was back and forth till Thursday 19th September, when I finally went into labour.

Then at 5.03pm we had our rainbow baby, Hope. Even though she was 6 weeks early and put in the neonatal unit, she was really lucky and so were we. We both got discharged on the 25th September.

Hope is now nearly 10 months old and absolutely thriving and doing amazing. So lucky to have our rainbow baby.


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