22 November 2020

I found out I was pregnant a week after my 21st Birthday – some may say that it’s young but being a mother is all I’ve ever wanted. Fast forward to my 12 week scan… I was told our baby had stopped growing around the 6 week mark and they couldn’t find a heartbeat, I had no idea, no symptoms of trouble. I can’t even begin to describe the pain and heartbreak we both felt.

That night, I begun to bleed, signalling that it was starting to miscarry. 5 days later on the 22nd November 2020, our tiny baby left me while I lay in hospital alone.

We never managed to find out the sex of our baby, however we both had a strong gut feeling that she was a girl. We named her Poppy Charlotte – Poppy as I had my scan on Remembrance Day and Charlotte after my Grandma who sadly passed away before I was born. She is our guardian angel forever.

This year I will: My due date will have been May 25th 2021 so I am not yet sure how we will mark that day however I am sure we will think of something to do. We have her actual Birth day noted as 22nd November which we will officially call her Birthday and do something special. Our future babies will know all about their angel sister.


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