Boxing Day 2013

Noveen candlesMy husband and I lost our first little one in December 2013. On the 5th of December I got told our baby had unfortunately passed away via a scan. I was supposed to be 10 weeks that day, but our little one had passed away a few weeks before that. The news was devastating.

We had planned to go to my home country of the Netherlands for Christmas (before we knew), to celebrate with my family, and we decided to stick with that plan.

We got married there in a Chapel years before and we wanted to light a candle for our lost little one.

On Boxing Day 2013, we went there and chose what they call a “Noveen” candle which burns for 10 days and all profits made from lighting candles go to charity (which I personally thought was a nice gesture, a candle helping us will end up helping someone else too).

We lit the candle and had a sit. By doing this, it felt we were giving our lost little one a nice send off. A day of remembrance, as the loss was too early for a funeral.


  1. Noveen Williams says:

    my name is Noveen we lost our baby Shannon on Nov 9 1990

  2. noveen williams says:

    that was very heart felt my name is noveen I lost our little Shannon every year on her day I send up hundreds of colorful balloons and I watch as they fill the sky and make there way to heaven for our little girl it really makes u fell u really connected to our loved one my thoughts are with you