25 January 2014

Donna Walker skydiving for the Miscarriage AssociationOn 25 January 2014, Donna Walker celebrated her 40th birthday by jumping from a plane.

Donna writes:

I’m doing this to raise money for the Miscarriage Association, which has given me valuable support in the past.

Although I have 3 wonderful children, getting them was not easy. I have suffered 5 miscarriages and 2 life threatening ectopic pregnancies which required emergency surgery. At times I also lost all hope of being able to go full term with a pregnancy. These were very emotional and stressful times, with each pregnancy being a time of constant worry.

It was with the support and advice of the Miscarriage Association that I met the wonderful team at City Hospital, Nottingham. This was when things started to change and although the worry never went away I successfully gave birth to Zak and Jude within 20 months of each other. There was then further disappointment and sadness before Isla made her way into the world.

Today much of this seems like a distant memory but at the time it was extremely difficult and upsetting. So although the jump was a pretty cool present for my 40th birthday, Richard and I think the gift of raising money for the Miscarriage Association is far more special and memorable.

Donna’s Justgiving page

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