20 April 2009

This date marks my due date… For the day we were planning on meeting you and holding you in our arms… For hearing your first cry and taking your first breaths.

I remember it well being just days after your daddy’s birthday as he was excited you may come early and then share his birthday and have lots of joint parties.

Sadly we never got to hold you or hear you but I will always remember seeing you on the screen on the day I had my scan on the day before we lost you. I was so scared and have never accepted what happened but I’m glad your ok and being looked after and your sister Sofia is here with us and I’m sure she makes you laugh. I’ll always remember you my daisy.

This year my husband will run London marathon for you on a week before what could of been your 5th birthday… Shine down on him and bring him luck! Hope he makes you proud. Xxxxx

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