3 November

An ode to a period.

I know it may sound silly to write a poem to a period,
But by the end of this I think you’ll understand more than you thought you would.

It’s not just the dull ache at the bottom of my back, it’s actually the fact that I think my heart has cracked.
To me you are a reminder of that little thing I lost, that was neither baby, or even human, but came at much too a high a cost.

Who knew the words ‘chemical pregnancy’ existed and that it’s much more common than you think, that the concept of being pregnant vanishes before you can even blink.

You make me worried for the future, for everything that might not be,
If I am not able to give them life and a hug upon the knee.
I never thought that when I saw the two lines upon that stick, that it would turn out to be nature’s cruelest trick…

I cannot seem to concentrate as you cause my body pain but it really is more about that aching in my brain.
‘Did I do something wrong?’ I say on repeat, that means I cannot have them and make my family complete.
I’m tired, no, exhausted of this never ending sorrow, all I want is to restart and be happy for tomorrow.

Despite all of the above I want to share my story as this isn’t just about me,
no ever talks about the fact it happens to one women in three.
It’s one of the hardest things they’ll ever have to do, but know there’s hope and loving people they can always talk to.

So I say thank you to my period for making me so strong, so I could understand that this resilience was in me all along. I’ll strive to be like kintsugi where gold mends broken pots, where I will still be me but they will never be forgot.


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