November 2012 & May 2013

November 2012

After 14 years of trying we were finally pregnant, happy didn’t even describe it.

We went for our 12 week scan so excited to see our baby.

Then we heard the sonographer say I’m sorry but there is no heart beat.

Darkness engulfed us.

We left the hospital heart broken to wait for nature to take its course. I carried our baby for 2 more weeks, before he was ready to take his angel wings.

Our darling baby was only physically with us for 14 weeks but the love that we felt for him remains in his Dad’s and my heart forever.

We will never know whether our angel was a boy or girl, but both my husband and I referred to him as a he so we gave him the nick name Junior.

Our baby was a person like you and me, we felt we should name him so we called him Junior.

May 2013

A postive pregnancy test, bitter sweet happiness, we were pregnant again.

Instantly that surge of love over came us, we both said this one’s a princess and the name Scarlett felt fitting.

Sadly a week later our darling baby left us and became an angel too.

Sadly we weren’t blessed with another baby.

Family and friends supported us during our loss which we took comfort from.

Our babies are always with us… in our hearts.

The hardest thing I find to cope with is when people who don’t know us well say oh you don’t have children, I don’t blame you, then giggle.

My response is actually we have 2 children, but just because we never got to hold them doesn’t mean we aren’t parents because we are parents to 2 gorgeous angels.

So we’d like to say sweet dreams our gorgeous darling angels, fly high together. You’re forever with us in our hearts, our love is everlasting for you. Xxx

Ian and Helen

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