30 September 2014

My husband and I found out I was pregnant for the third time at the beginning of this year and to my surprise I was expecting twins a boy and a girl we decided to name them Logan and Aria and we were so excited. A few weeks later I was going to visit my mum and I was involved in an accident and I suffered a blow to my stomach. I had a scan and found that I had lost one of my twins I had lost Aria but Logan was still happy and healthy I was so glad Logan was ok but I was devastated to have lost Aria. Logan was born 30th September by emergency caesarean but I can’t help but feel half empty because I am missing a baby but I feel horrible for feeling that way because of Logan I don’t know how I should feel or what to do.

We plan to light a candle for Aria on this date every year and always remember and keep her in our hearts and once our other children are old enough we will let them know so they can honour her memory with us.

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