18 May 2015

At our 20wk scan on 14th May 2015, we were told that our baby was really poorly and referred to King’s College the following day. The wonderful Fetal Medicine Unit did their best to soften the blow, but it was clear our poor little baby wouldn’t survive the pregnancy.

We had to make the most impossible of decisions, to terminate our pregnancy, but upon return to the hospital, our little angel’s heart beat had already stopped. This was the 18th May 2015, a day that will live with us forever.

Chloe was born two days later, on 20th May. A piece of our hearts died with her.

This year I will allow myself to feel sad. I was gifted a special variety of rose, called “Chloe”. This rose flowers later in the season, so I planted Dicentra Bleeding Heart around it, which flower this time of year. I shall watch the butterflies and acknowledge my grief.

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