21 October 2014

The date I’m remembering would’ve been my due date of my last miscarriage. Unfortunately it was my second miscarriage through IVF after an ectopic pregnancy 5 years ago left me unable to conceive naturally. Losing a baby, a pregnancy, a positive pregnancy test, is the most heartbreaking, sad and unfair thing to happen to anyone. It can leave you feeling totally alone, with overwhelming feelings of guilt. Seeing yourself as a failure. As a mother, wife, woman.

Katie after the Robin Hood half marathon.

I started running as a way of dealing with these feelings. It has saved me. So I decided to do something to help other women who’ve experienced the pain of loss.

I ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon in 2:22 on September 28th. It was really difficult but very rewarding knowing I was raising funds for the MA. They have been brilliant.

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