6 November 2014

A missed period, I didn’t know it meant a beautiful baby, a pregnancy test at college, positive, happiness and hope. I had a scan at 5 weeks and they showed me my little egg looking baby, then another scan at 7 weeks, I was so scared, I was told by the sonographer ‘Theres your baby!’ so I looked at the screen and said ‘Aww!’ I was so happy, then she shattered my world, she said ‘I’m so sorry theres no heartbeat’. I got up, got dressed and sat in the counselling room at EPU and waited for my partner, I took the picture of my baby, listened to them babble away and left the hospital. I should have been leaving the hospital with a smile on my face.

This year I will be going for a meal with my partner and donating some money to a charity.

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