29 September 2014

Monday the 29th of September. My second pregnancy. The first time we got to see our baby. So excited. I was lying on the bed trying to see. It was so tiny so I had to have a internal scan and then I just knew something wasn’t right – that gut feeling kicked in, my legs shaking, waiting for somebody to say something and then them dreaded words were “so sorry Lauren there’s no heartbeat”.

My heart sank. I was in shock and then the endless tears. I’ve never in my life felt pain like it. I didn’t get the chance to see my baby. In disbelief I got another scan on the Wednesday just to put my mind at ease. There still wasn’t a heartbeat but I was so happy I could just lay there and look at my little baby.

On the Thursday I had a operation to remove the tissue. It was the only way and now me and my partner have both said we won’t try, we’ll see if we can have another baby and if we can it was meant to be.

Thanks for reading my story xxx

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