14 September 2014

Lesley and Jason at the War Adrenaline Race 2014

Lesley and Jason

Our story is quite a painful one. Having successfully giving birth to a healthy boy in 2001, we subsquently suffered 18 miscarriages.

Nothing could be found to the reason why this was happening, tests upon tests, nothing.

My last miscarriage was confirmed on New Years day 2011. We decided at that point, enough was enough.

The support and help given to us was so poor from the doctors and the hospital, trying to find out the reasons why, we just gave up.

So we decided to run the War Adreneline Race 2014 and raise money for a charity that would help others in our position, when tragedy strikes. Every penny raised will help someone like us, and we like to think we have done our bit to help.

Our thoughts and love are with everyone who may have suffered like us.

Lesley’s JustGiving page

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