2 May 2020

Miscarriage in lockdown – Lisa’s story

Myself and my partner have been together for 6 years and were thrilled to find out we were pregnant with our first child.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I had to tell my boss as soon as I found out and a decision was made for me to work from home.

I was trying to keep my excitement to myself, however could not help but plan for my pregnancy and dream about the arrival of a baby in around 7 months time.

I then began to lightly bleed and then this progressed to heavy bleeding. I knew deep down I was having a miscarriage and whilst my partner and parents tried to reassure me, I knew.

I went to the hospital due to bleeding and had a scan, where it was confirmed that the pregnancy had ended.

I was told I would have to manage my miscarriage at home, which I understood, however being in lockdown meant I would have to go through this totally alone and that was unbearable.

The most difficult part of this experience has been loneliness. Having no face to face support has had an impact on my emotional well being and the realisation of what we have been through has not yet hit.

We will not give up and our relationship has become stronger.

I wanted to share our story as when I  was going through a miscarriage I found reading people’s experiences helped.

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