24 June 2016

That Friday, I went to work and my counseling session as every other Friday, but I remember arriving home in a terrible mood as if to be a precursor of what was to come. I noticed I was bleeding by 8pm and arrived at the hospital by 9 pm. I remember thinking spotting was normal, holding on to a false glimmer of hope. At 1 am they confirmed that the love of my life would not continue to grow, would not take a first breath and there was no heartbeat.

By far the most beautiful sound in the world was gone, just as the best thing that happened to me was gone as well. I looked at the man i love and saw tears running down his face, and i knew that day in that moment a piece of me died and I would never be the same.

This year I will try to continue to live with that part gone. I will continue to work on my mental stability. I’ll keep living for my little soul/ nugget, because there has to be more to life than grief and death. I will go to the funeral services and continue to visit the mausoleum as needed. I will continue to work on restoring my faith in the Lord. Most importantly i will continue to bask in the pure and unadulterated love the Lord bestowed upon me through my partner.

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