Marking A Loss

For many people who’ve experienced a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, there are certain days and dates that will never be forgotten.

If there’s a date that is significant to you, you may find it helpful to do or create something that marks the loss of your baby and acknowledges their brief life. This website aims to bring together a record of these dates and actions, but whether or not you decide to share your story, we hope that these suggestions and the stories of others will help you find an appropriate way to mark your loss.

A self-care activity

When the loss is recent or a date is particularly painful to remember, it may be a difficult time for all involved. That’s why it’s important to look after yourself. It may be that this year, you pledge to do something just for you or for you and your partner on that day. This could be spending some time in reflection, treating yourself to something special, visiting a special place, or talking to someone you trust about your experience.

A ceremony or commemoration activity

Some people find it helpful to have a memorial service for their baby, at a place of worship or another meaningful place, or in their home. You could make an entry in your hospital’s book of remembrance, light a candle, plant a tree, or buy a special piece of jewellery or ornament that reminds you of your baby. You may like to add a message to your baby or babies on one of our forget-me-not meadows.

A volunteering or fundraising activity

Many of the members of the M.A. and our support groups have chosen to mark their loss by committing to raise awareness of miscarriage or funds for the M.A.

This may be by posting supportive comments on our Facebook groups, finding places in your community to display M.A. posters or information cards, signing up to talk to the press as one of our media volunteers, or taking part in/organising an event to raise funds for the M.A. Whether you chose to jump out of a plane, donate a percentage of your eBay sales, or take on a 10k, you’ll be raising vital funds to help us provide support and information for others who lose a baby during pregnancy.

For more information about marking a loss, see the Miscarriage Association website.