14 December 2019

Here’s my miscarriage story:

My name is Mrs. B and I had a Blighted Ovum Pregnancy. Where should I start, well my husband and I have been seriously trying to get pregnant since January 2019. We got pregnant in September 2019 after I bought some ovulation test kits, you can imagine that we were ecstatic. As soon as we confirmed with a First Response Test we told most people. We literally told the rest of my family the week before we had a miscarriage. I had little to no symptoms just bloated, huge boobs that were tender, food aversions and I was here thinking I’m lucky for not having nausea.

How did I find out about my miscarriage?

I started spotting on November 23rd that’s around 12 weeks pregnant according to my app but 10 weeks pregnant according to the ultrasound. I saw a few tiny clots over the course of like 3 days before my doctor’s appointment and it only happened when I passed my first morning urine, but I knew then something was wrong. I went to my first appointment on November 26th and I had a little heavier bleeding. The nurse told me it may be implantation bleeding and I was like that’s not possible I’m 12 weeks. The doctor and nurse were quite relaxed about the situation the doctor checked and she said my cervix was still closed and that’s a good sign. So she sent me to do an ultrasound, I went the very next day. ( Btw I had maybe really light bleeding throughout the night I can’t recall though).

Ultrasound day:

I was nervous as hell because I felt something was wrong, despite the fact that I had a bump (yup a freaking baby bump) I knew something wasn’t right. Anyways, I went to my appointment and when I looked on the ultrasound monitor I didn’t see anything but a huge gestational sac. I was like there’s, no baby right the Ultrasound Tech said yea no baby, what we call this is an anembryonic pregnancy or blighted ovum. She then did a transvaginal and she didn’t see anything. I waited until she left the room and me and hubby bawled our eyes out for a good couple mins then we left went home and repeat.

Calling my doctor:

I then called my doctor when I got the result and read what was on the ultrasound paper. She told me my options which were, wait for your body to do it naturally, D&C or another procedure called Vacuum aspiration (not sure it’s some sort of suction thing). I told her I wanna do this naturally she was like if it was her she would do the D&C and get it over with or I can wait 2 weeks and see if my dates are wrong.

2 weeks later:

For the first week I saw very light bleeding no pain no symptoms, really tiny clots. Second week nothing but on the last day of the week Friday December 12, I remember I was in my bathroom crying after watching an episode of What Would You Do? And I said God please I need this to go… On December 13 I started getting cramps it was light then towards the end of the day it got worse. On December 14th at 3am it got extremely worst I was in so much pain and at this point I was living in the bathroom. I went back to bed and then I felt a rush of blood I called my husband and was like babe it’s time but I only bled heavy for a few mins. Throughout the day on the 14th of December I had lower abdomen and lower back pain I felt like I wanted to defecate ( I had to force myself to poo btw). I couldn’t eat, sleep or breathe properly, the pain went away for 1 minute then came back full force every time (imagine merging all the period pains you’ve had from 14 -23 years or older). I finally got some rest and when I woke up at about 4pm in the afternoon I went to the bathroom and the sac fell out. I am still bleeding at this point and feeling just really faint cramps now and then.

Another 2 weeks later:

It’s December 27th and my pregnancy test is finally negative no faint lines thank God.. A few clots passed last week and that was the last of the clots. I’m still seeing a little brown spotting sometimes dark red now and then. Just giving it some time before I go see a different doctor or OBGYN.


This year I will:

Not sure… Maybe candle light vigil… Or scatter roses…


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