July & August 2020

On the 13th of July I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. Me and my partner were over the moon to give our 4 year old a little sibling. I found out early so I knew for a couple weeks.

On the 2nd of August I started heavily bleeding. I had been assured it could be normal, but could also be the possibility of a threatened miscarriage. Then on Thursday the 6th I woke up with agonising pain. I said to my partner I felt like I was in labour.

I had to wait 3 and half hours to be seen in A&E. I couldn’t just go back to the ward that dealt with me previously in the week, I had to go to A&E first. I was left on a treatment bed on my own as partners can’t come up to the wards due to Covid. I had the doctor tell me my cervix is open, which it wasn’t previously on other checks in the week.

I was told I was going to just keep bleeding till my body passed the baby. I had to mentally deal with it alone. They had to admit me to check the baby had cleared the next morning.

I didn’t have any medical risks, I’m only 25, but I’ll say dealing with a miscarriage isn’t easy even when you have support. Having to tell my partner over a phone call isn’t what I imagined when I pictured I was pregnant.


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