2 August 2016

We lost our baby on the day we found out he had severe kidney and heart problems. It was our 19 week scan and we’d been dreading and looking forward to this day the whole summer. There was always a worry that something could be wrong, at least for me, even though you try to tell yourself it won’t happen to us.

When the nurse told us it didn’t look good, and booked us in with a doctor two hours later, my tears started streaming and never really stopped. Even though we had to wait one week for the actual termination, we felt in our hearts that we’d lost him that day. Our dream, our child, our little son.

We held him in our hands one week later, saying hello and goodbye all at once. He was beautiful and looked so perfect, he even had his dad’s knees. Later on in the autumn, we planted a cherry blossom tree in memory of George, near the football ground. We are trying for another baby now but will never forget our little boy.

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