2 August 2014

Olivia's scan picturesThis date was the date that my son was born, I know it’s not a loss date. But those are 26/10/10 and 16/05/13. I became pregnant later that year.

Me and my partner lost two of our babies, laying there on that hospital bed and have the nurse looking at me and patting me on the leg three times and saying am so sorry. Walking past all the pregnant women to go to the office to talk more about it and their eyes following me knowing we had just had the worst news ever. This memory is burned into my head.

We both felt horrid for how we felt around people who had children and became somewhat bitter towards people who had children and didn’t deserve them.

But on the 2/8/14 holding this precious little human made me value him so much more after all we had been through.

The reason I am writing this is not to hurt all you mother and fathers (which you still are even if your little one isn’t here in person, they are still with you) who have lost your children as I know how it feels by talking about the son I now have, but to say don’t give up your time will come. Time won’t heal you completely but it does help, don’t give up and never let it get you too down there is alway people to talk to. See this story as a little piece of hope when you may feel down. Hope that you to will have your little one in your arm and treasure them as I do him.

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