8 February 2015

On the 08/02/15 I got my first positive test and told my baby’s dad that we were expecting our baby. He was happy and after hours of talking about it, due to us not been together very longm decided he would stick by me and we did another 2 tests just to be sure.

On the 16/02/15 I went to the doctors who confirmed that I was pregnant.

On the 23/02/15 I had to go to the hospital as I was spotting. The doctor got us in for a emergency scan and on the 26/02/15 when getting to the hospital I had a scan to be told there was no baby but that they wanted to do a internal. On doing this I discovered I was bleeding. The hospital then did a water and blood test which came back positive.

On the 28th I went back for more blood tests and that night I got a phone call from the hospital to say what we were dreading to hear, that I had had a miscarriage.

After the news had sunk in me and my boyfriend decided we would name our baby and put it in the Forget-Me-Not meadows. We named our little angel Faith Adams-Jackson who we should of been holding in our arms on the 11/10/15.

On the 28th of February every year I plan on lighting a candle for my little angel, and on the day she/he should of been born I will light a candle and think of them.

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