3 February

I conceived in November 2017 and me and my partner were over the moon as we had been trying for a year.

Everything seemed fine for the first few weeks until I started to get a few period type pains so I rang up the midwife and she told me they couldn’t do anything about it because I was only 5 weeks so I had to bare with it and finally it went away

It came to my 12 weeks scan and I saw the look on the mans face and he looked confused and asked how long ago I got my first positive and I said 9 weeks ago and he said have you had any bleeding to I replied no. I started feeling the worry building up. He told me the baby was measuring 5 weeks which is impossible as I got my positive 9 weeks ago.

A few minutes later a woman came in in to look at the scan. She than taken me and my partner into a room with a box of tissues and told us that it was a missed miscarriage and I broke down. 1 million questions ran through my mind like ‘why me?’ ‘What did I do?’ They gave me lots of leaflets to help with my loss.

Over a year later I still cry and miss my little one do much. I didn’t know if you were a girl or a boy and that is very hard to deal with. I will love you forever.

When this date comes round I will plant a a white blossom tree to mark you.

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