31 December 2019

I found out I was a pregnant on Dec 5th 2019… I found out I lost my baby on December 31st 2019.

It was a surprise pregnancy and my first pregnancy. So I was less than prepared for what I was going to go through. My boyfriend and me were shocked seeing the blue stick more than anything because I had been on birth control the last year. On Dec 30th I had my 8 week appointment, they didn’t do an ultrasound which I felt was odd, just a pee test to confirm I was pregnant.

The next night we were getting ready to go out and I felt a slight cramp, being lactose intolerant I felt it was just a normal poop. When I went to the bathroom I wiped and saw it;  red and brown blood as I wiped. I panicked of course being new, and called the doctors office. She said this was normal and that I should not fear, but to come in the following day to get an ultrasound done.

That next day I went in, the nurse had the screen facing me as she went in for the vaginal ultrasound. The first thing I saw as she started was an empty uterus… I saw nothing at all. She frowned and apologized to me, she said that she believed I miscarried the other night. She brought the doctor in and they confirmed the ultrasound and asked me if I wanted to check out or just have the nurse call me later to set up a follow up appointment. I wasn’t given any options like D&C or pill. They just sent me home and apologized for my loss.

Doing any reading that I could, I looked online and read a few things mostly that I would experience more cramping and some period like bleeding. WELL for 5 days I did just that. I felt normal again.

The 6th day I went to the gym, came home and went to lay in bed. As soon as I laid in bed my body started hurting everywhere. My hips, my back, my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up. I went to the kitchen, took some advil and eventually the pain started to pass.

Not even 30 minutes later I woke up in a panic as I felt wet. I ran to the bathroom and looked down to find I was covered from the hips down in blood. I sat down and a waterfall of blood spilled out. I didn’t know what was happening and wasn’t sure what was supposed to be happening. I called my mother and she did the best research she could. I next called my on call doctor, he told me to go to the hospital and hung up. I barely able to stand because blood is dripping down my legs faster than I can wipe, wrap a towel around my waist and wake up my bf.

We go to the ER where they are utterly disappointed in the lack of education I was given. They set me up with pain meds, fluids and helped me better understand what was going to happen to my body.

I hope my story doesn’t scare you all, but better helps you understand to ask questions.


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