17 May 2014

Spencer running the Freckleton Half Marathon for the M.A.Spencer Mckee recently ran the Freckleton Half Marathon to raise funds for the Miscarriage Association, following the loss of a baby who was due on the 17th of May 2014. He shares his story with us below.

“It is all very sad and a bit strange for me really looking back.

Last year my girlfriend told me she was pregnant and whilst I was so very happy at the thought of us all being a family together it just didn’t seem real at the time and I really didn’t appreciate it (totally unintentionally/consciously) at I was too busy with other things that I now see just didn’t matter, and then even when we lost the baby again it still didn’t seem real at first. But then it hit me really hard. I think there is an assumption that men will just be okay and get on with things but I found it heartbreaking especially once I realised the true meaning of the loss. I know that it is nobody’s fault but I just wish I had treasured the special time more and that would certainly be my message to anyone having a baby, make sure you enjoy every moment and treasure your loved ones.

I forgot to take my sponsor vest on the race (I am the one in blue t-shirt) along with a friend from work who kindly offered to be my motivator for the event and he dragged me through my first ever run on what was a scorcher of a day, that along with the fact that it was in honour of our baby and for such a good cause.

Keep up the great work at the Miscarriage Association you do a great job and I hope all those that have experienced such a loss will be okay in time and obviously I am sure everyone will agree that our lost ones will never ever be forgotten and will always be loved and missed.

It is still very raw and losing the baby late so on in the pregnancy has left a hole that will always be there really. I have named a Star after our baby and it is a ‘Binary Star’ which is actually two stars orbitinig around each other so that our baby will always have a family member there which is nice to know and our baby will never be forgotten.”

Spencer’s JustGiving Page

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  1. Emma says:

    Such a sad story well done on your tribute to your baby. Make sure that you and your girlfriend support each other it sounds like you have suffered a great tragedy but also that you have learnt a very hard personal lesson in life on what really matters, look after each other and I am sure you will be okay in time, take care, Emma x