9 April 2016

I had given up hope of having children and was finally content and not hurt by the idea, until someone played a mean April fools prank on me! Out of the blue… I found out I was prego on April fools day, 2016!!

The first day, I was just utterly scared. Then, I became excited and planned for my baby’s future. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy for 1 week when I woke up bleeding and lost my baby in the ER during a 10-hour stay. 🙁 🙁 🙁 My heart has never broken so harshly! It’s a pain you don’t even begin to understand unless you have been there. My baby was only 6 weeks when I lost him, but I felt like he was jerked out of my hands and there’s nothing no one can do about it.

This year I will remember April 9th, 2016 as the day I lost my first and only baby. I will remember November 29th, 2016 as the day I would have had a chance to see and feel your beautiful face!

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