17 June 2017

Run or walk the length of your favourite playlist to support the Miscarriage Association and raise awareness of pregnancy loss.

On Saturday 17 June I will be running a very special distance to raise funds for the Miscarriage Association. Last year my husband, Matthew and I suffered our third miscarriage in two years. Reeling and shocked, and finding it very difficult to express the grief and pain we were feeling, we looked for some easy ways to distract ourselves.

That’s when we discovered the TV series Nashville – there’s nothing like bingeing on a good box set. But Nashville is more than just a TV show. If you know it, you’ll know that the music makes it special. Often music takes the place of dialogue between characters – and I suppose for me, that music became a way for me to have a dialogue with my own pain.

Trainers and Every Single Friday albumsThrough Nashville I discovered a whole new genre of music and a whole new group of performers and songwriters. I discovered that the man behind my favourite character, Deacon Claybourne – aka Charles (Chip) Esten – was releasing a new song every single Friday.

As I grappled with the aftermath of our three miscarriages, those records helped to carry me through. I was struggling to look forwards to our future, but at least I could look forward to Friday and a new Chip Esten song.

So, at 10 am on Saturday 17 June – the day my friends and I will go to Manchester to see the Nashville cast perform in concert – I’m going to run the length in hours and minutes of my favourite #EverySingleFriday playlist (currently just over 2 hours long, but it keeps getting longer as Chip keeps adding a new song each week!) I’ll be celebrating what Chip’s music has done for me, raising funds for the wonderful Miscarriage Association and raising awareness of the devastation of pregnancy loss.

I’m going to be joined by my amazing family and friends – some of them will be walking, some will be running. Some will be strutting to my playlist, some will strut to their own songs.  We want to raise funds for the Miscarriage Association and to raise awareness of the devastation of pregancy loss.

If you would like to get involved and to help us in our cause, please join us and strut your songs too – run or walk the length of YOUR favourite playlist wherever you are to show your support. You could join us in raising sponsorship funds via our Justgiving site: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/StrutYourSongs – or just show your solidarity by tweeting a message #StrutYourSongs.

Please get in touch with Lisa at the Miscarriage Association 01924 200799 if you’d like to get involved and to tell us how you’ll Strut Your Songs.


The last word has to go to Chip Esten, “it might be a song you sing…it might be a long walk or a phone call from a long lost friend…you just do what you gotta do, to get you though the blue.”

To find out more about Charles Esten and to download his #EverySingleFriday songs please visit: www.charlesesten.com


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