20 October 2018

For All Mothers Of Angels and Fallen Leaves


To Sena

My Baby

Who I would have been holding in my arms

Round about now

I’m sorry we never got to meet you

See your face

Smell your hair

Hold your hand

Hear your voice

Look into your eyes

I hold you in my heart

It’s not Halloween yet

But just for today

I feel disconnected

From All

But You

My other Little One

I’m not in the mood for anything

But to feel

I love you

So I have taken a moment

That wasn’t long enough

Before I put a face on

For the world that doesn’t compare

To the loss

Your brother still longs for someone to play with

For someone to share with

In your absence

I offer what’s left of Me

Just for today

It’s okay

Not to be



As my thoughts

And my feelings




As I said to your Dad

Earlier this week

Once your brother was asleep

“It’s so quiet…”



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